You Are Not Alone

You are not alone. The mind works in funny ways, making things sometimes appear worse than they really are. I believe the biggest thing I was lacking in my relationship with God was the feeling I was being cared for. I needed to feel a God I could not see, touch or hear, in order to believe that He loved me. I needed to know that if I loved Him, He’d love me back. It has taken me many years to understand Him, and accept the gifts He has given me. It is so very easy, yet so very hard to understand, because we as humans need to touch it, taste it, and hear it before we call it real. We need proof. But I think the strongest proof is the strength we find when we believe. Faith builds strength, strength builds faith. As I became stronger in my belief, nothing seems impossible.

Believing in God doesn’t mean you’re promised a bullet-proof life, full of happiness and devoid of despair. No way! There will always be circumstances that don’t make sense. Bad things happen to good people.  The innocent suffer.  People die and murder in His name. I cannot explain why this is allowed in God’s world. But if you believe in Him, you can consider this life a temporary testing ground. Our lives become a journey toward oneness with God, with death leading to the ultimate oneness. Dying means getting one step closer to God. God also plays a role in the life of people left behind.  He provides understanding, and the strength necessary to make it through our times of grief and loss.

I now believe that unanswered prayers are God’s way of letting me know I’m in for a time of self-reflection. I must be tested.  Will I have the strength and intuition to make the right choices? There will be times when I feel like God is right beside me, and other times I’ll feel that I’m on my journey alone. But He will always be there to draw inspiration and confidence from. Life is about discovery and personal progress.  We go upward in our development. God may not always tell me the right step, but He can comfort me after I take the wrong one.

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