Too Blessed To Be Stressed! Praise Jesus!

Have you ever heard the saying, “I am too blessed to be stressed”? When we feel blessed, the problems we encounter in life seem inconsequential to the main thing, our relationship with Jesus.  It is my prayer that you will be touched, and become an instrument for Him. It is my prayer that you find hope in His love and strength through His word.  I hope that you will look outside and see the many beautiful miracles happening all around you, instead of all the bad things going on. I would rather walk in faith, using its power to bring about the things I believe in, than die a bitter and hardened old man who wasn’t able to humble himself before Him.

I have fallen many times, but He has helped me rise again and again. I have been broken down and made stronger. I cannot hide my weaknesses from Him. He is all-knowing. I have learned to embrace Him, even with all my faults, because I know He will continue to forgive me.  You are a child of God. You are worthy; you are His beautiful creation, His masterpiece. He made you in His image. You are meant to shine, to succeed. He is the light in your darkness. You can share this light with others in their darkness. Giving of yourself will help your soul to grow. You have the power to help others with their faith.

Jesus is about love and hope.  The way you love yourself, the way you love others, and the way you love God determines the way you look at this world. If you have love in your heart, you are free from the bitterness and negativity of this world. Just as God created you, you are the creator of your own life story.

I have a deeper appreciation for life now. There were times when I went to bed, thinking maybe, just maybe, God would deliver me from my pain. I would never have to wake up again and face the world. But something has kept me going all these years. I was just a kid looking for a reason to be alive, and didn’t have a lot to be hopeful for. No longer do I cry tears of pain, but the tears of gratitude for being alive this day. As I close my eyes at night, I pray that I am able to wake up and share another day with my family. I am grateful for the breath of life I get to take in every morning. It is an amazing feeling, knowing I have another day to show God I yearn to be an instrument for Him. I will praise Him.

I thank God for the beauty of transformation. I was that old ugly caterpillar that only chomped on the weeds of pain, loneliness, and despair. The more I chomped, the more unloved I felt, the less trust I felt towards others, and the more bitter I became towards God. I finally had to spit out the bitter taste in my mouth, and take in the sweetness of God. I was chomping on the wrong plants. I could have been chomping on something more healthy for my heart, mind and spirit.  But with forgiveness and the grace of God, I am transformed into a giant beautiful butterfly, soaring to new heights and new destinations, filled with simple wonder.

Just as I  transformed, so can you.Jesus loves you and is within your grasp. Reach for him.

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