This Poem is True. It is My Testimony

This poem is true. It is my (Larry Wilson) testimony.

Reminds me of the old saying”show me your friends and I will tell you what you will be like.”

Even as adults,we need to choose our friends wisely.Our children are watching us.We need to be a good influence to them.I could not just drink one beer, I had to have more.  I am so glad I broke this chain.

This was Christmas eve,1999.

For What Shall It Profit A Man, If He Shall Gain The Whole World, And Lose His Own Soul? Mark 8:36
By Larry Wilson

A few years ago I thought I had it all.
I felt like I was on top of the world, I stood over ten feet tall.
A great life with family and friends.
I loved to party, on the weekends.
I loved to cook, so I supplied all the food and beer.
It was wonderful to have friends over, that was true and dear.
The beach was only ten minutes away.
I would buy all the beer, for my fishing buddies, each fishing day.
Yes, life was great!
Another weekend coming up, I couldn’t wait.
Let’s hit the bars, the drinks are on me.
These are my friends, don’t you see?
My wife and daughter went to church and both were saved.
A new lifestyle, a new road was paved.
Another weekend, another Sunday, and they both asked me to go.
I looked at them both and I said no.
Life was great, I like what I do.
I think I’ll get up with my friends, fish, and drink a few.
Another Sunday and Wednesday they asked me to go.
Again, I said no.
Something began to tug at my heart.
This lifestyle I’m living will have to depart.
Another Sunday, they asked me to go.
My answer this time wasn’t no.
It was Christmas eve, an ambulance stopped next door.
My neighbor was laying on the floor.
As the ambulance began to flee.
I dropped to my knee.
That’s when I asked Jesus to save and come into my life.
I thank YOU JESUS for my daughter and wife!
I thank YOU, for using them, to bring me closer to YOU!
Thank YOU for cleansing me and making me new!

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