Reach Out to Jesus

I Can Testify That Having Faith in God and Jesus Christ Strengthens Your Spirit. With God’s Help, You Too Can Overcome Your Suffering and Be Victorious in Your Life. By Letting Jesus in Your Heart, You Allow Hope, Faith, Love, Perseverance, Obedience, Endurance, Empathy and Forgiveness To Shape Your Character. What an Awesome Feeling to Know That God Has a Destiny for You. Reach Out and Call to Him.

Looking back, I see that I was a troubled soul on a spiritually self-destructive path. I had lost faith in God. I had lost faith in my ability to reach out for Him. I didn’t want to deal with Him. But the main thing that was keeping me from feeling His love was very simple. A simple word to say, but not so simple to exhibit. The word is humility. My pride and ego worked against me developing the close relationship I was looking for.

Faith in God is the greatest compliment to will, determination and perseverance. For a long time, I believed I’d become successful by my own merits and sacrifice. I believed it was all me, me, and me, and that my efforts were a solo enterprise. But if I’d only had faith in a power greater than mine, I believe I would have been more unstoppable in my quest to live a successful and significant life. Faith is the secret power that can help you achieve anything you desire. Faith in yourself is one thing, but faith in God is even more powerful. Faith in yourself can lead to selfishness, cockiness, and unjustified pride. Faith in the almighty God is completely unselfish. It removes emphasis on your ego, you become humbled, and grateful for what you have. As your faith builds in Him, the greater are your successes.

I believe God has a personal journey for each one of us. He is there to navigate for us, whispering in our ear, giving us the intuition necessary to making the choices that will lead to success.

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