Motivational Speaker Helps Children and Youth in Foster Care to Believe In Their Greatness

Save Children in Foster Care

Save Children in Foster Care

Christian Inspirational Speaker Derek Clark

Christian Motivational Speaker Derek Clark

If You Will Believe, Children Will Believe. A Child Who Has Hope Will Have the Belief That They Can Achieve

When motivational speaker, foster care speaker and child welfare advocate Derek Clark speaks, it is directly from his passionate soul. Derek’s exceptional program is full of information, hope and inspiration. He brings along his guitar to sing the journals of his life in foster care. He believes that music is one of the purest ways to touch and communicate with the hearts of the audience. He speaks on the subject matter, “You cannot think negative thoughts about a child and then expect them to live a positive life.” He teaches you how to commit and build upon your strengths when encouraging children and youth to have hope. He shares with you how to overcome negative thinking and labels towards a specific child or lost and troubled youth. He empowers you to feel, see and know that you can make a difference. Derek is proof that someone believed in him.

Based on Derek’s personal experience of spending 13 years in foster care, he presents startling facts about growing up as a foster child and how he had to overcome too many violent, emotional and mental issues. Derek shares with you how he made it out alive as a troubled at risk teenager and how he triumphed in his personal life. Derek takes you down his personal road of lessons that he has learned of hate, anger, mistrust in adults and foster parents, violent tendencies, rejection, lack of love, child abuse and the memories that haunted his life.  Derek Clark has successfully thrived because of his trials of pain. He has turned his disadvantages in advantages.

Motivational speaker and foster care expert Derek Clark teaches you how he learned to trust, love, have hope and view his life in a positive and productive way. He knows that through foster parents, social workers, teachers, mentors, peer support counselors, youth leaders and youth development staff, they do make a big difference. It is all about connection and alliance. When you change the way you look at a child or teenager, there life will take wings and fly because you believed in them.

Here are a few of Derek Clark’s topics that will motivate, inspire and share a message of hope.

–         You Cannot Think Negative About a Child and Expect a Positive Outcome

–         How To Build Trust When They Won’t Trust

–         How To Inspire Youth To Overcome The Pain of Their Past and To Not Let It Limit Their Future

–         Why a Child or a Troubled Youth Needs You To Believe In Them

–         Create Team Building Through Accepting and Appreciating Each Others Differences and Strengths

–         How To Find The Worth of a Child’s Soul and Help Them Discover The Leader Within

–         The Critical Needs of Children: To Feel Respected, To Feel Important, To Feel Accepted, To Feel Included, To Feel Secure, To Feel Love.

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