Will God Help You?

Will God Help You?

By Christian Inspirational Speaker Derek Clark


The answer is YES! Life is a journey. There will be doors of opportunity that open, and others that close. But one door that will always remain open is the door to your Heavenly Father. Whether you’re struggling with an addiction, divorce, pain from the past or a financial crisis, this will be the one door you can always walk through. Through that door is inner peace, the knowledge that you’re not alone in this crazy life.  I rarely used that door because I figured it was more like the door to a jail cell. My pride and anger kept me from entering. I wrestle with the sad fact that I lost out on so much happiness and intimacy with God because of my hardened heart. But I look forward to the rest of my life, as I can now share God’s message of peace to all who are struggling and feeling alone during a crisis.


When there are days that I struggle, I say, “God, help me find a way out of this. Bless me with the strength and knowledge that will carry me through this storm of life. I want to be an instrument for thee.” 


God Loves You-Bible and Beyond.comMy trials, like yours, are just part of a journey towards eventual triumph. Victory is right around the corner. Maybe a minute or an hour away, a day or a week away, maybe even a year away. Regardless, hold strong and fight negativity with Faith. Faith in God will lessen the time it takes for your particular crisis to play out. I believe my lack of faith made me suffer more than was necessary. If I’d had faith in God’s ability to strengthen me, and not been so focused on Him rescuing me, I would have prevailed much faster. I was trying to use God as a crutch, trying to make Him grant me my wishes during hard times. I didn’t realize that what I should have prayed for was patience, energy, and knowledge. I should have prayed that He inspire me with the wisdom to find solutions.


I once heard a saying: “Don’t talk about your problems, talk to your problems.” To me this means stop complaining about all the conflict in your life. Instead, tell yourself these struggles are not permanent. Talk to your problems and tell them it’s time they start moving along.


I believe I’m right where I’m supposed to be in life. I no longer live in the past, filled with regret, blame, guilt and anger. I live in the present, surrounded by peace, love, family and happiness. We’re all entitled to the good things in life. Ultimately, whether we have them or not is a choice we make. Changing the way we look at a problem is a choice. It was a choice for me to dislike God. It was a choice for me to finally place my faith in Him. We all have the blessing of God behind us. It is His strength that carries us from victim to victory.


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