God, the original GPS “GOD, POWER & STRENGTH

“God has showed me that there is NOTHING He can’t do. You see, HE has a plan for each one of us. He is my GPS. I am an ovarian cancer Survivor. A walking miracle since 1996. Not only in my personal life but also as a Realtor. I was once again tested in 2007-2008 when due to the economy I filed for Bankruptcy and Short Sold our home. God was my rock during this difficult process. I believe God has saved me to touch the lives of others. After sharing my cancer story with a woman who was experiencing the same symptoms she quickly got checked out and was also diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Her Doctor told her it was a miracle they caught it in time. Now as a Short Sale Survivor I have been able to help many distressed homeowners in need and quickly became a top Short Sale Specialist. You see, His plan is in place and everything in my path is a blessing. I use variations of my motto “Keep Moving Forward” in my business and recently as I ran for public office. God, the original GPS “GOD, POWER & STRENGTH”…

Juana L. Dement, Tracy California

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  1. Micky Diaz says:

    What a beautiful testimony! I may not be able to relate to the exact situation she went through, but I can relate to the fact that when God has a special plan for someone’s life, God will allow circumstances to overwhelm in such a manner that we have no other choice but to hold on to Him and in return ask Him in prayer to hold on to us because of our weak and sinful nature. I’m currently going through some very difficult circumstances that have constantly challenged my faith in the areas of finances and health. All I can do is simply cry and ask for God’s favor and mercy over me and my family. Please keep me in prayer! Thanks!

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