God is Within You. Don’t Kill Your Spirit With Suicide. There is Hope.

God Loves You
I am going to keep this real and raw. I have met many people all over this world that have tried or wanted to commit suicide in an effort to kill the pain. I wrote this to share a message of hope. Someone commits suicide every 40 seconds, so I hope my message saves a lot of lives today.

I have witnessed their painful scars of cutting, lighter burns, cigarette burns and the hopeless look in their eyes. On a daily basis, I receive Facebook messages and emails from individuals who are ready to give up on life. I, Derek Clark, humbly and sincerely want to share a message of hope with you.

Having been in foster care for 13 years, I have a deep appreciation for life. There were times when I went to bed, thinking maybe, just maybe, God would deliver me from my pain. I would never have to wake up again and face the world. But something has kept me going all these years. I was just a foster kid looking for a reason to be alive, and didn’t have a lot to be hopeful for. No longer do I cry tears of pain, but the tears of gratitude for being alive this day. As I close my eyes at night, I pray that I am able to wake up and share another day with my family and inspire others to find hope. I am grateful for the breath of life I get to take in every morning. It is an amazing feeling, knowing I have another day to show God I yearn to be an instrument for Him.

I believe that every single person on this Earth has a purpose. The purpose might be making an impact on the entire world, or it could be helping another person learn what compassion and charity are. Even the littlest things add to the overall meaning and beauty of life. Everyone has a part, whether big or small. It’s a ripple effect. Positive actions have rewards for people in places you might never have anticipated.

The past can haunt you and I have fallen many times, but God has helped me rise again and again. I have been broken down and made stronger. I cannot hide my weaknesses from Him. He is all-knowing. I have learned to embrace Him, even with all my faults, because I know He will continue to forgive me. Remember that You are worthy; you are His beautiful creation, His masterpiece. He made you in His image. You are meant to shine, to succeed. He is the light in your darkness. You can share this light with others in their darkness. Giving of yourself will help your soul to grow. You have the power to help others with their faith.

I believe everything comes down to love. The way you love yourself, the way you love others, and the way you love God determines the way you look at this world. If you have love in your heart, you are free from the bitterness and negativity of this world. Just as God created you, you are the creator of your own life story.

Never Give Up!

Derek Clark

Expert on Human Potential, Motivational Speaker, Author of 6 books including Never Limit Your Life and the I Will Never Give Up book series.

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