God had greater plans!

Can you image how hard it is to separate the role of being a sister and mother figure? Well, I will be the first to tell you it isn’t easy!

My name is Nicole Marchman and I am 29 years old.  I have raised my twin sisters: Jessica Marchman and Melissa Marchman, since they were born. I had to grow up fast and was unable to enjoy my childhood years, since our mother failed to fulfill her motherly role.

At the age of 11, I was removed from our home because my father abused me physically and sexually and my mother did nothing to stop him or protect me. I would go to school and report my dad abusing me because my mother wouldn’t report him and I figured someone had to step up and stop him. I was never scared to report him or what the outcome would be because I had to protect my sisters. The police would come out to the house and arrest my father for the physical abuse but my mom got him out of jail each time.

Because the police came out so much, one day a social worker came out to my home when I was 11 years old and told me to pack my bags. I think I was more shocked then scared and worried about leaving my sisters behind.

When my sisters were four years old, they were removed because of being neglected.

We were separated up until I was 16 years old. We lived on the same street and right next door to each other because both of our foster parents were relatives. When I was 17 years old, our parents attempted to get my sisters to come back home but the courts denied it. The courts took away our parents parental rights because I testified against my sisters returning home.

When “aged out” of care, we were separated again. After leaving care, I had to find somewhere else to live and my sisters were placed with a relative on our father’s side of the family. I thought my sisters were finally going to receive a safe and stable environment but that didn’t happen. At the age of 24, I went before the court to request legal custody of my sisters when they 15 years of age. I remember the judge asking me

“ Are you sure you can take on this responsibility of raising your sisters?” He

said, “ You are going to have separate the role of being their sister and friend, and apply the mother figure role.” I told him that I could handle this responsibility because of having to assume the mother role since they were born. The judge granted the legal custody and moved in with me that evening.

I’m not saying its been easy or hard in raising my sisters, but I can say it was truly rewarding. Now, my sisters are 21 years old and they are learning fly on their own by having to make choices on their own. I have been able to step back and allow them to obtain ownership over their own life. Its amazing how much we have been through and how close we are. Our bond is unbreakable and no one can change that!

In the midst of our life struggles and the emotional and physical strongholds, we were able to break away by God’s mercy and love. I know for a fact, I was supposed to be dead and not prosperous as I am today! But God had greater plans. Because of God, I have been molded into a resilient spirit and wouldn’t have it any other way!

God often brings us through difficult paths during our journey on earth, but I’ve learned each path serves its purpose…what’s that purpose? To testify to others, plant seeds into others live we cross paths with and to be used to full capacity by God!

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