Everywhere I Look, I See God’s Face

Everywhere I Look I See God’s Face
by Larry Wilson

Everywhere I look, I see God’s face.
He put the heavens and stars in their place.
He put a boundary between the land and sea.
He created the plains and mountains as far as the eye can see.
He made the birds who sing praises, to Him, our King.
He created every creature, every living thing.
He created the seasons, and the trees, that know when to grow or shed a leaf.
Even the seed knows to grow in the soil, buried beneath.
He made the flowers, knowing when to bloom.
He made the rain for His creation to consume.
Everywhere I look, I see God’s face.
He took a wretched man like me, and gave me His grace.
He gave His only begotten Son, so that I could be forgiven.
With His open and loving arms, gave me a life that is worth living.

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