Defend the Fatherless

Defend the Fatherless

By Rebekah Nelams

I’m sorry but it’s time to go

And leave all that you have ever known

If only you understood

That this is all for your own good

Fingers reaching out with tears

you’re all I’ve had for all these years

Please don’t let them take me away

Bitter end to a scary day

And who are these, who smile at me?

I want to go home! Why can’t you see?

But where is home? What does that mean?

And what is the meaning of “family?”

And some feel pity, but do not act

They say”I’d feel so bad if the child had to go back”

They don’t understand the child loses either way,

Whether she goes or whether she stays

Defend the fatherless, it’s what God says

And a child lives in fear while we think on it for days

Or years even..we sit and pray and wait

But what if we pray so long, that it’s too late?

Too late for the child whose “normal” is violence and hate

No church, NO! Rise up and take action!

Life is meaningless if lived for your own satisfaction!

There’s a harvest out there in your own back yard

But the workers are few because the work is “too hard”

They aren’t statistics or trouble makers

They’ve been wounded by greedy takers

But we have so much love to give

So be the Gospel, that they might live.

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