Answered Prayer

Answered Prayer

By Rebekah Nelams

New surroundings, strange voices, new faces

She’s been to too many different places.

But now she’s here,

with her long brown hair.

Standing before me

Answered prayer.

Eyes as blue as a transparent sea,

She wants to, but she’s afraid

to trust me.

Come here child. Let me hug away your cares.

You’re safe now. You’ll stay awhile.

My answered prayer.

What is “normal?”, her cries seem to say

I hate you…but I love you..please

don’t go away!

Hide behind me. I’ll fight for what’s fair.

You rest in my shadow

My answered prayer.

“You’re my little girl” she hears him say

as he tucks her in at the end of the day.

Strong arms to be safe in, a daddy of her own

“say it again..” she whispers, while they’re all alone.

And he does. And she smiles.

They’re quite a pair…a daddy in love with

His Answered Prayer

She’ll push and she’ll cry a river of tears

But I see her defiance is a mask for her fears.

I’ll teach you and love you

and expect you to obey.

We’ll work this out a little more everyday.

Test me, Child. I’ll not move.

I’m not giving up on you.

Miss sassy pants with the long brown hair

I welcome you,

My Answered Prayer.

Your questions cut me to the heart.

In time you’ll understand.

That I may not know all the answers,

But I’ve laid you in God’s hands.

I’ll build you up. I’ll hold you up.

I’ll exhaust myself to bring you up.

Cause God has heard your cries, young one

He pulled you out and gave you someone..


This imperfect stranger who cares

I’ll be your shield

Your Answered Prayer.

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