About Derek Clark

Derek Clark is an Inspiring Christian Speaker, Motivational Speaker and the Author of the I Will Never Give Up book series which includes the award winning and critic acclaimed autobiographical books “I Will Never Give Up”, “I Will Never Give Up For The Teenager” and “I Will Never Give Up On God Again”. Derek spent 13 years in the foster care system. At five years old his mother and stepfather turned him over to the county social services and yet, they kept his brother and sister. His father who he has never known was in jail for the criminally insane. As a foster child, Derek was disturbed and erratic. Having suffered child abuse and abandonment, he was prone to severe distress and crippling depression. He has been “labeled and misdiagnosed” in almost every psychological evaluation in existence. As a helpless child, Derek was nearly institutionalized due to severe erratic behavioral problems and violent tendencies. He is a survivor of brutal child abuse, and was diagnosed early on as mentally handicapped with an IQ of a two and half year old and suffered erratic psychosis. As he developed, it became clear to his wonderful foster parents that this diagnosis was without merit.

Derek has learned some very difficult lessons growing up as a troubled teenager. As a foster youth, he wanted to go back and live with his mom but that never happened. He felt rejected and became an angry teenager. He was constantly in trouble because of his difficulties dealing with his anger, respecting others and trusting adults. Even against unbelievable odds, Derek never gave up, using music, laughter, will power, and positive decision-making to triumph over adversity.

He reveals how he overcame his adversities and how he triumphed in his personal life. He takes you down his road of lessons that he has learned of hate, anger, resentment, mistrust in adults, violent tendencies, rejection, lack of love, child abuse and the memories that have haunted his life. Derek believes he has successfully thrived as a leader in life because of his painful past, compassion for others and living a No Excuse life.

Derek inspires youth and adults across this nation to never give up and to not let the past limit their incredible future. He shares his message of courage, hope and perseverance to help others find the strength to Never Give Up. When Derek speaks, it is from his passionate soul. He brings along his guitar to sing the journals of his life. He believes that music is one of the purest ways to touch and communicate with the hearts of the audience. His listeners will be ignited with passion and have the courage to take action and fight their fears. He will inspire and teach you to push yourself beyond your perceived limits. He believes it all comes down to a choice and taking responsibility for the direction of your life. He is proof that you don’t have to let adversity hold you down in life; you have a fascinating and inspiring destiny awaiting you.

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